Thursday, July 2, 2009

Health vs Wealth...?

Which is more important for you; health or wealth?

Somebody once asked me this very important question which got me thinking and reflecting on what is important in my life. It also got me to dig deep into my soul and ask myself what I want in life. On the surface level of course you feel that both health and wealth are important to you. But if you had to choose just one, which would you choose? Tough choice, huh.

In this material world many would go for wealth because if you have the money, you can get almost anything that money can buy. Hey, nowadays, even money can buy you love. Who doesn’t want to have a rich boyfriend or girlfriend that would dote on you 24/7? Some would argue that with money you can pay for the best medical care available if ever you get sick or your health deteriorates. But then again, what do you really understand by ‘wealth’? How do you define ‘wealth’? Does having lots of money, big house and fancy cars mean wealth to you? Or having a good family life means wealth to you? The choice is yours!

Now that I’m a year older today (...yes... thank you for the wishes) and wiser too (I hope), my choice... I would definitely look after my health. Why? If you’re healthy, you can always work and make money and live your dream. You can always find money, but you can’t find health. Health is irreplaceable; it’s something that you’re born with so you have to take good care of it. Money can easily be replaced if you lose it, and with good health you can always build your wealth. Once your body succumbs to diseases (diabetes, hypertension, gout ... etc) and your health starts to deteriorates, it’s very difficult for you to regain your health. No matter how much money you have and can pay for the most expensive medical care available, but you’ll never recover your health as before you lost it. Besides that, even if you have the money, who wants to be a regular visitor or ‘guest’ at the hospital anyway? I know I wouldn’t.

Prevention is better than cure! I would rather spend a bit more money now on good and healthy nutrition to ensure my good health that lasts for as long as I live. What about you? Are you taking good, healthy and balanced nutritional food that will restore and improve your health and well-being? With that, I leave you to ponder on this very important quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson ....

“The first wealth is health”

So what are you waiting for? What is keeping you from making that important decision? It’s still not too late to do something about your health. Contact me!!! Maybe I can help you. Here’s my email again To your health... cheers!


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  2. a very difficult question to be answered..i'd choose money..because with money,a family can lead a better life..